Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Trying again. Two blogs. And Yule lessons

I have a blog dealing with writing. And this one dealing with the Craft. Notice that I don't associate "the Craft" with writing...maybe that is wrong. Writers create worlds with their words. Novels often inspire the Craft. In Triumph of the Moon, early craft was linked not to ancient religions but the writings of early 19th-century romantic authors who were fascinated by neo-platonic thought and Nature itself. I find my own Craft studies draw me to study science, philosophy, Eastern and Western Religions, Ritual as well as introspection of self. Note that though I have the magic "woo-woo" of 3rd and have Eldered, I still study the Craft. Achieving any goal only means you have to work harder, look deeper, examine the Craft, YOUR Craft with more care than before. Your words gain power when you spend time in silence, your heart calmness with wisdom, and you never cease becoming the Witch you are. So For this Yule I am beginning a new cycle. I will attempt to post around each of the Sabbats. But then again I may not. This Yule was one of darkness and sorrow. My companion of 8 years, my partner in crime, my familiar, passed over the rainbow bridge around midnight on the 20th going into the 21st. And like every day, her leaving me was heroic and tragic. She had been ill for 3 weeks. That day she had been better. She had eaten, and drank and was standing better. Then she fell, and that fall had her twisting so she broke her neck. She left me. And my heart broke. Though I have cried, and cried for her, I find my Craft teaching a blessing. I know that her spirit moves on as her physical body decays. I know that she may return to me through another dog. I know that I need to spend time grieving so I don't get another pet just to try and fill the void that was left behind. I Miss her. Next Samhaine when I listen to the Little Prince, some of my tears will be for her. I had a treasure, and I knew it, but I also knew that I did not appreciate it constantly. Now the world moves into the light, and my God has taken my friend away. She gave me peace, and happiness, and joy. I have to learn to stop looking for her. I have to follow the advice I would give to anyone else. Take the time to honor my grief. Only then, after that time has passed, can I begin the search. Though if life has taught me anything, it is that my next companion will come when I am ready. I will struggle. I will try to avoid losing my heart, but I will be hopeless against that love. That is how the wheel is turning for me this year. I had a very dark night. One of pain and sorrow. But I KNOW that the sun will rise because it is my belief. I know that my companion will return, or send the next one to teach me because that is my belief as well. Even death has a cycle, and we must learn to accept it. Fear is the enemy. Yes, death itself the process is painful, but so is grief. And accepting that pain, honoring it allows us to see the light. The brilliant light of the sunrise after the darkness of night. And though my companion went through the veil, and I grieved, I have to remember that the Lady gives relief from the pain of life. And that may have been the greatest gift of the season to one who had been such a gift to me. She is not in pain. She is not hungry, or thirsty. She is not struggling to stand. She can play now. Fair well.

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