Monday, March 7, 2011

Looking towards Ostara

At Embolc, I went outside and studied the ground. The promise of spring was there even though our winter has been colder/snowier than any I can easily remember. (I think there was a snowier winter thirty-five years ago, but I was young and may not be remembering correctly. The hope I found was in the green shoots of my bulbs. So in preparation for Ostara I made another survey of my yard. The trees are greening, the bark turning a slightly green tint. (To see this study a tree every day, at the same time of the day, when the sap begins to flow the color of the bark with change in a way that may be over looked.) In a week I expect the leaves/flowers to begin to bud on the stems. My bulbs are beginning to bloom now. I planted over a hundred bulbs last year and the squirrels have not eaten all of them. And I feel the land changing. Some days are still cool, but those days are growing less common and 'cool' is being defined as a little warmer when measured with science. Two weeks ago cool was 20 degrees, now it is 40. In a few weeks it will be 60...then 70. So look forward to Ostara, to the balancing of nature. To the recognition of spring by reality...and enjoy these days.

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  1. Yay for spring! We have some daffodils out here in the Northwest, and my heart is already lighter knowing it is Spring.